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portland_head_light_sunrise_201208.jpgMaine is always memorable

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Maine coast, the lighthouses, the quaint fishing villages, and world-class art museums.  There is something special for any interest and everyone.  The Portland, Maine region is the gateway to it all.  Just two hours north of Boston where a different world opens up. A slower paced world - a world of friendliness, surrounded by natural beauty, stylish and sophisticated. Portland has become the 'foodiest small town' in America - a true vacation hot-spot for both regional and world travelers. 

Greater PORTLAND MAINE | Yes, life's good here. 

Visiting Maine will cause you to dream - and dream big.  Dream about another vacation.  Dream about a summer home.  Dream about a retirement home.  Dream  about a new job and a family relocation for a better quality of life.  All of these things are possible.  Explore more and learn while relaxed with a Maine Day Trip Orientation Tour!  Start your metro Maine home search to find your special place in Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Falmouth, Scarborough, Westbrook, Yarmouth, or North Yarmouth.

Maine Day Trip provides tours to Maine's interesting and scenic locations
~your style ~your pace ~your experience

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village is a National Historic Landmark in New Gloucester, Maine.
This Maine community was founded in 1783 and is the only active Shaker community today.
See how they have lived over the past two-hundred years in Maine with their guided tour.

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village Museum

Shaker Museum Reception Center

Shaker Village

Shaker Village Meeting House


Shaker Village Dwelling House - 1883

Maine Day Trip provides private tours to Maine's interesting and scenic locations
~your style ~your pace ~your experience


Monument Dedicated to Scarboro Veterans
Dunstan Corner, Scarborough, Maine
Civil War Sesquicentennial 2011

Scarborough Veterans of the Civil War - Courtesy of the Scarborough Historical Society*

Andrews, George E.; Berry, Hiram; Best, Patrick; Boss, Frederick; Brackett, Robert A.;
Brooks, Thomas H.; Brown, Stephen; Butler, Francis W.; Butterfield, Jonas E.;
 Butterfield, Samuel; Chute, Greenleaf; Chute, William A.; Cook, William;
 Coolbroth, Ashbury; Coolbroth, Edward N.; Coolbroth, George; Coolbroth, John R.;
Dolley, Enos R.; Dowling, James; Driscoll, Daniel; Elliott, Charles; Farr, Henry F.;
 Fenderson, Nathaniel H.; Fogg, Alpheus; Fogg, Arthur J.; Fogg, George H.;
 Follett, William A.; Ford, John; Foye, Simeon; Fredericks, William;
Gero, Alexander; Graffam, Ezra P.; Graffam,John; Greenlaw, Frederick;
 Greenlief, Chute; Gurney, Samuel S.; Gustin, Charles R.; Gustin, George B.;
Gustin, Lorenzo D.; Gustin, Samuel; Hanson, James N.; Harford, Albion S.;
Harford, Thomas W.; Harkin, John; Harmon, Ervin P.; Harmon, Ishmael; Harmon, Loring;
Harrington, Daniel; Hasty, Albion J.; Hasty, Alvin J.; Hayes, William;
Hearn, Bartholomew; Hickey, John; Higgins, Alexander; Hight, Horatio;
Hight, Leroy; Hilton, Nathaniel;Hodgkins, Ebenezer; Jones, Aurelius S.;
Jose, William W.; Knight, Daniel; Knight, Zebulon; Leavitt, Scott L.; Lenord, John;
Libby, Alonzo D.; Libby, Charles W.; Libby, Ellison; Libby, Francis; Libby, Franklin S.;
Libby, Henry H.; Libby, Jefferson W.; Libby, Joseph W.; Libby, Johnson;
Libby, Thomas J.; Lothrop, Elias A.; Lothrop, Joseph P.; Lunt, George H.; Lyons, John;
Mahoney, John; Maloney, Patrick; Martin, George; McCarty, John;
McKinney, Alonzo F.; McNally, Patrick; Merrill, Mervill S.;Merrill, William H. H.;
Meserve, Eleazer G.;Miller, Henry;Milliken, Benjamin F.; Milliken, Charles L.;
Milliken, Fred A.; Milliken, Freedom B.; Milliken, Melville J.;Milliken, S. Woodman;
Milliken, Richard L.; Moody, Edwin; Moore, Horace W.;Moore, Samuel E.;
Morton, George; Moses, Joseph A.; Moses, Simon M.;Moses, William A.;
Moulton, William; Newcomb, David L.; Newcomb, Joseph L.;Parker, George W.;
Parker, Mahlon H.; Patterson, Edmund; Perry, Horatio; Perry, Martin S.;
Pillsbury, Edward; Pillsbury, Francis; Pillsbury, George W.; Pillsbury, Noah;
 Plowman, Oliver; Plummer, Robert; Potter, Eleazer; Pugsley, Francis;
Pullen, David P.; Riggs, Charles F.; Robinson, James; Rounds, Charles;
Rounds, Charles, Jr.; Rounds, Daniel; Rounds, Samuel; Rounds, Walter;
Royal, Theodore A.; Ryan, John P.; Seavey, Thomas L.; Seymour, Frederick;
Shorey, Eugene M.; Simpson, John H.; Small, James F.; Smith, Arthur;
Smith, George W.; Snow, Enoch L.; Snow, George H.; Stanford, David F.;
Stanford, Joseph A.; Stevens, William C.; Swett, Alphonzo M.; Tarr, Henry F.;
Thornton, Charles C.; Tripp, George B.; Tripp, Moses B.; Varney, William H.;
Walker, Alonzo; Walker, George H.; Walker, Lewis L.; Walker, Winfield S.;
Waterhouse, Bartlett F.; Waterhouse, Benjamin F.; Waterhouse, Gardiner J.;
Waterhouse, George J.; Waterhouse, Winfield S.; Webb, Edward C.;
Wescott, Dixon B.; Whitaker, William H.; Young, John

*List on file at Scarborough Historical Society,
possibly compiled by Dorothy Shaw Libbey, sources and accuracy undetermined

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The Etz Chaim Synagogue building has been restored to its past simple elegance.  Now a museum of Maine Jewish history, art and culture.  Maine was nicknamed "Jerusalem of the North" due to the large population of Jewish people living here in the early twentieth century.  Today, this is the only remaining example, in Maine, of an immigrant era European-style synagogue still in operation.  Learn more about the Museum and Etz Chaim Synagogue on their website: Tree of Life Museum


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View the 148 Civil War Monuments in Maine

1861-2011 Civil War Sesquicentennial

Over 17,000 Maine men volunteered and

70,000 Maine men served in the Civil War

the most Civil War military per capita of any state



 Brigadier General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain


Brunswick, Maine
Let Maine Day Trip help you discover Maine's Civil War history

Learn more at Civil War Traveler


Visit the Scarborough Historical Society and Museum to see many local artifacts that includes a major collection of murals (circa 1923) depicting local Indian life (circa 1651) by artist Roger Deering. Let Maine Day Trip schedule an appointment for you to be included in your private day trip.

Portland Railroad Company Generator House 1911

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Tour Portland's Freedom Trail markers and learn about the importance of the underground railroad, as an escape from slavery, creating one of several important hidden routes to Canada in the 19th century.

DSCN0003.JPGFranklin Street Wharf

DSCN0005.JPGHack Stand of Charles H. L. Pierre

DSCN0008.JPGAbyssinian Church

DSCN0011.JPGHome of Charles Frederick,
Harriet Stephenson Eastman,
Alexander Stephenson

DSCN0014.JPGEastern Cemetery

DSCN0017.JPGHome of Elias and Elizabeth
Widgery Thomas

DSCN0019.JPGHome of General
Samuel C. Fessenden

DSCN0022.JPGFriends (Quaker) Meeting House

DSCN0024.JPGHack Stand of Reuben Ruby

DSCN0025.JPGFirst Parish Unitarian Universalist

DSCN0033.JPGSecondhand Clothing Store of
Lloyd Scott

DSCN0034.JPGMariners' Church

Maine Day Trip will take you to each Freedom Trail location and provide additional self-guided information compiled by Portland Freedom Trail.  Include all of the historical landmarks in your private tour of the Portland Peninsula to create a robust, interesting and informative excursion.

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The CVB would like to recognize Norm Forgey of Maine Day Trip as this month's recipient of the Membership Recognition Award for his dedication and commitment to the CVB and its members. "It has been a delight being involved with Maine Day Trip since its inception in 2007," said Membership Director Deb Collins. "Norm has added a unique and personalized touring option for our visitors. Norm enthusiastically participates with all of our CVB events and activities and has introduced business colleagues he believes will benefit from a CVB marketing membership. Norm constantly looks for new ways to partner with other fellow tourism businesses to offer visitors the best experience he can." 

Maine Day Trip offers customized private day tours and excursions year-round from Portland to the South-Coast, Mid-Coast, and Down-East. Visitors relax while being driven through the region by an "informative and personable" driver. 

This year Maine Day Trip has introduced a new excursion tour combining stops at various settings for American painters with a visit to the Portland Museum of Art, highlighting Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper.       

Destination relocation assistance is another available service. Maine Day Trip offers newcomers an impartial overview of our region in addition to relocation assistance to help jump start a move to the Portland Region.

The Portland Museum of Art and Maine Day Trip have collaborated to create a very unique sightseeing and museum tour.  This special opportunity combines visiting locations that are depicted in scenes of Maine, by American master artists such as Edward Hopper and Winslow Homer, with a museum visit to see some of their works. 

March 10 - April 1, 2010 - 7th Annual Online Auction

Bid early, bid often, have fun and win your special auction item which supports the Cancer Community Center.  Win a private scenic auto tour in Maine with Maine Day Trip
Your perfect vacation sightseeing adventure of the year.


About the Cancer Community Center

The Cancer Community Center, located at 778 Main Street in South Portland, Maine, is a comfortable, friendly place where adults living with cancer, and their families and friends gather to build social and emotional support as a complement to their regular medical care.  All activities and support services are provided, at no charge, through the generosity of our community from individual donations, community fundraisers such as this one, and foundation and corporate grants.  Come visit anytime or contact us at or by calling (207) 774-2200.

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