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Greenleaf_Libby.jpgGreenleaf Rogers Libby

U.S. Civil War enlisted Private in Company D

Maine 12th Infantry Regiment on 1 Jan 1864

Born 14 July 1836 in Augusta, Maine

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Monument Dedicated to Scarboro Veterans
Dunstan Corner, Scarborough, Maine
Civil War Sesquicentennial 2011

Scarborough Veterans of the Civil War - Courtesy of the Scarborough Historical Society*

Andrews, George E.; Berry, Hiram; Best, Patrick; Boss, Frederick; Brackett, Robert A.;
Brooks, Thomas H.; Brown, Stephen; Butler, Francis W.; Butterfield, Jonas E.;
 Butterfield, Samuel; Chute, Greenleaf; Chute, William A.; Cook, William;
 Coolbroth, Ashbury; Coolbroth, Edward N.; Coolbroth, George; Coolbroth, John R.;
Dolley, Enos R.; Dowling, James; Driscoll, Daniel; Elliott, Charles; Farr, Henry F.;
 Fenderson, Nathaniel H.; Fogg, Alpheus; Fogg, Arthur J.; Fogg, George H.;
 Follett, William A.; Ford, John; Foye, Simeon; Fredericks, William;
Gero, Alexander; Graffam, Ezra P.; Graffam,John; Greenlaw, Frederick;
 Greenlief, Chute; Gurney, Samuel S.; Gustin, Charles R.; Gustin, George B.;
Gustin, Lorenzo D.; Gustin, Samuel; Hanson, James N.; Harford, Albion S.;
Harford, Thomas W.; Harkin, John; Harmon, Ervin P.; Harmon, Ishmael; Harmon, Loring;
Harrington, Daniel; Hasty, Albion J.; Hasty, Alvin J.; Hayes, William;
Hearn, Bartholomew; Hickey, John; Higgins, Alexander; Hight, Horatio;
Hight, Leroy; Hilton, Nathaniel;Hodgkins, Ebenezer; Jones, Aurelius S.;
Jose, William W.; Knight, Daniel; Knight, Zebulon; Leavitt, Scott L.; Lenord, John;
Libby, Alonzo D.; Libby, Charles W.; Libby, Ellison; Libby, Francis; Libby, Franklin S.;
Libby, Henry H.; Libby, Jefferson W.; Libby, Joseph W.; Libby, Johnson;
Libby, Thomas J.; Lothrop, Elias A.; Lothrop, Joseph P.; Lunt, George H.; Lyons, John;
Mahoney, John; Maloney, Patrick; Martin, George; McCarty, John;
McKinney, Alonzo F.; McNally, Patrick; Merrill, Mervill S.;Merrill, William H. H.;
Meserve, Eleazer G.;Miller, Henry;Milliken, Benjamin F.; Milliken, Charles L.;
Milliken, Fred A.; Milliken, Freedom B.; Milliken, Melville J.;Milliken, S. Woodman;
Milliken, Richard L.; Moody, Edwin; Moore, Horace W.;Moore, Samuel E.;
Morton, George; Moses, Joseph A.; Moses, Simon M.;Moses, William A.;
Moulton, William; Newcomb, David L.; Newcomb, Joseph L.;Parker, George W.;
Parker, Mahlon H.; Patterson, Edmund; Perry, Horatio; Perry, Martin S.;
Pillsbury, Edward; Pillsbury, Francis; Pillsbury, George W.; Pillsbury, Noah;
 Plowman, Oliver; Plummer, Robert; Potter, Eleazer; Pugsley, Francis;
Pullen, David P.; Riggs, Charles F.; Robinson, James; Rounds, Charles;
Rounds, Charles, Jr.; Rounds, Daniel; Rounds, Samuel; Rounds, Walter;
Royal, Theodore A.; Ryan, John P.; Seavey, Thomas L.; Seymour, Frederick;
Shorey, Eugene M.; Simpson, John H.; Small, James F.; Smith, Arthur;
Smith, George W.; Snow, Enoch L.; Snow, George H.; Stanford, David F.;
Stanford, Joseph A.; Stevens, William C.; Swett, Alphonzo M.; Tarr, Henry F.;
Thornton, Charles C.; Tripp, George B.; Tripp, Moses B.; Varney, William H.;
Walker, Alonzo; Walker, George H.; Walker, Lewis L.; Walker, Winfield S.;
Waterhouse, Bartlett F.; Waterhouse, Benjamin F.; Waterhouse, Gardiner J.;
Waterhouse, George J.; Waterhouse, Winfield S.; Webb, Edward C.;
Wescott, Dixon B.; Whitaker, William H.; Young, John

*List on file at Scarborough Historical Society,
possibly compiled by Dorothy Shaw Libbey, sources and accuracy undetermined

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View the 148 Civil War Monuments in Maine

1861-2011 Civil War Sesquicentennial

Over 17,000 Maine men volunteered and

70,000 Maine men served in the Civil War

the most Civil War military per capita of any state



 Brigadier General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain


Brunswick, Maine
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January, 1861 - Maine Civil War Day by Day Newspaper Articles

Our Lady of Victories Civil War Monument in Portland, Maine


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