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Monument Dedicated to Scarboro Veterans
Dunstan Corner, Scarborough, Maine
Civil War Sesquicentennial 2011

Scarborough Veterans of the Civil War - Courtesy of the Scarborough Historical Society*

Andrews, George E.; Berry, Hiram; Best, Patrick; Boss, Frederick; Brackett, Robert A.;
Brooks, Thomas H.; Brown, Stephen; Butler, Francis W.; Butterfield, Jonas E.;
 Butterfield, Samuel; Chute, Greenleaf; Chute, William A.; Cook, William;
 Coolbroth, Ashbury; Coolbroth, Edward N.; Coolbroth, George; Coolbroth, John R.;
Dolley, Enos R.; Dowling, James; Driscoll, Daniel; Elliott, Charles; Farr, Henry F.;
 Fenderson, Nathaniel H.; Fogg, Alpheus; Fogg, Arthur J.; Fogg, George H.;
 Follett, William A.; Ford, John; Foye, Simeon; Fredericks, William;
Gero, Alexander; Graffam, Ezra P.; Graffam,John; Greenlaw, Frederick;
 Greenlief, Chute; Gurney, Samuel S.; Gustin, Charles R.; Gustin, George B.;
Gustin, Lorenzo D.; Gustin, Samuel; Hanson, James N.; Harford, Albion S.;
Harford, Thomas W.; Harkin, John; Harmon, Ervin P.; Harmon, Ishmael; Harmon, Loring;
Harrington, Daniel; Hasty, Albion J.; Hasty, Alvin J.; Hayes, William;
Hearn, Bartholomew; Hickey, John; Higgins, Alexander; Hight, Horatio;
Hight, Leroy; Hilton, Nathaniel;Hodgkins, Ebenezer; Jones, Aurelius S.;
Jose, William W.; Knight, Daniel; Knight, Zebulon; Leavitt, Scott L.; Lenord, John;
Libby, Alonzo D.; Libby, Charles W.; Libby, Ellison; Libby, Francis; Libby, Franklin S.;
Libby, Henry H.; Libby, Jefferson W.; Libby, Joseph W.; Libby, Johnson;
Libby, Thomas J.; Lothrop, Elias A.; Lothrop, Joseph P.; Lunt, George H.; Lyons, John;
Mahoney, John; Maloney, Patrick; Martin, George; McCarty, John;
McKinney, Alonzo F.; McNally, Patrick; Merrill, Mervill S.;Merrill, William H. H.;
Meserve, Eleazer G.;Miller, Henry;Milliken, Benjamin F.; Milliken, Charles L.;
Milliken, Fred A.; Milliken, Freedom B.; Milliken, Melville J.;Milliken, S. Woodman;
Milliken, Richard L.; Moody, Edwin; Moore, Horace W.;Moore, Samuel E.;
Morton, George; Moses, Joseph A.; Moses, Simon M.;Moses, William A.;
Moulton, William; Newcomb, David L.; Newcomb, Joseph L.;Parker, George W.;
Parker, Mahlon H.; Patterson, Edmund; Perry, Horatio; Perry, Martin S.;
Pillsbury, Edward; Pillsbury, Francis; Pillsbury, George W.; Pillsbury, Noah;
 Plowman, Oliver; Plummer, Robert; Potter, Eleazer; Pugsley, Francis;
Pullen, David P.; Riggs, Charles F.; Robinson, James; Rounds, Charles;
Rounds, Charles, Jr.; Rounds, Daniel; Rounds, Samuel; Rounds, Walter;
Royal, Theodore A.; Ryan, John P.; Seavey, Thomas L.; Seymour, Frederick;
Shorey, Eugene M.; Simpson, John H.; Small, James F.; Smith, Arthur;
Smith, George W.; Snow, Enoch L.; Snow, George H.; Stanford, David F.;
Stanford, Joseph A.; Stevens, William C.; Swett, Alphonzo M.; Tarr, Henry F.;
Thornton, Charles C.; Tripp, George B.; Tripp, Moses B.; Varney, William H.;
Walker, Alonzo; Walker, George H.; Walker, Lewis L.; Walker, Winfield S.;
Waterhouse, Bartlett F.; Waterhouse, Benjamin F.; Waterhouse, Gardiner J.;
Waterhouse, George J.; Waterhouse, Winfield S.; Webb, Edward C.;
Wescott, Dixon B.; Whitaker, William H.; Young, John

*List on file at Scarborough Historical Society,
possibly compiled by Dorothy Shaw Libbey, sources and accuracy undetermined

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Maine Moderns: Art In Seguinland, 1900-1940

Portland Museum of Art
June 4 - September 11, 2011

Zorach_roadgeorgetown.jpgWilliam Zorach
United States (born Lithuania), 1887 - 1966
Road to Georgetown, 1922
11 1/4 x 15 1/8 inches
The Zorach Collections, LLC, Courtesy of Gerald Peters Gallery, New York.

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