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Tour Portland's Freedom Trail markers and learn about the importance of the underground railroad, as an escape from slavery, creating one of several important hidden routes to Canada in the 19th century.

DSCN0003.JPGFranklin Street Wharf

DSCN0005.JPGHack Stand of Charles H. L. Pierre

DSCN0008.JPGAbyssinian Church

DSCN0011.JPGHome of Charles Frederick,
Harriet Stephenson Eastman,
Alexander Stephenson

DSCN0014.JPGEastern Cemetery

DSCN0017.JPGHome of Elias and Elizabeth
Widgery Thomas

DSCN0019.JPGHome of General
Samuel C. Fessenden

DSCN0022.JPGFriends (Quaker) Meeting House

DSCN0024.JPGHack Stand of Reuben Ruby

DSCN0025.JPGFirst Parish Unitarian Universalist

DSCN0033.JPGSecondhand Clothing Store of
Lloyd Scott

DSCN0034.JPGMariners' Church

Maine Day Trip will take you to each Freedom Trail location and provide additional self-guided information compiled by Portland Freedom Trail.  Include all of the historical landmarks in your private tour of the Portland Peninsula to create a robust, interesting and informative excursion.

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Where else but Maine would you find so many wonderful places to explore?
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Winslow Homer Stamp Celebration Station: Portland Museum of Art
August 12, 2010; Portland, Maine 04101

weatherbeaten.jpgSite of Winslow Homer's painting "Weatherbeaten" at Prouts Point in Scarborough, Maine
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Saturday, September 18, 2010 is Open Lighthouse Day in Maine.
This is a unique opportunity to view the inside of Maine's beautiful lighthouses.


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